About Us

Why join My Fortune?

Our Commitment

We continuously thrive to ensure responsible practices are integrated into day-to-day activities so that our games are operated, marketed and sold in a socially responsible manner. To maintain this accreditation, myfortunelotto must demonstrate, with evidence, our commitment to the continuous improvement of our responsible practices. In this way, we maintain our focus on providing our customers with a safe, secure and friendly environment in which to play our games.

Winners Everyday

Having a coffee or getting something out of the fridge – ordinary moments have quickly turned into winning moments for over 3 million players across the country in less than a year playing our games at The Fortune.


My fortune lotto team constantly strives for an amazing user-experience and the very same time, our team also works hard towards the betterment of our society.

As we feel proud to have been able to bring a change in a lot of lives with our massive cash prizes, it is evident that not all the people get a slice of the same cake. For which, we aim to hand out a significant amount of our revenue to the different charities around the country especially those helping underprivileged or abandoned children.

So, every time you play your favourite games through My fortune lotto, you are helping to play an important role in supporting and transforming Indian communities.

It’s fair to say that when India dreams, we all win!